Over the last few days there’s been some unconfirmed chatter via several blogs about the discontinuation of boxed versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite Software. This morning, with very little fanfare, a new entry was added to Adobe’s Creative Suite FAQ:

Why is Adobe discontinuing boxed copies of Creative Suite?

As Adobe continues to focus on delivering world-class innovation through Creative Cloud and digital fulfillment, we will be phasing out shrink-wrapped, boxed versions of Creative Suite. Electronic downloads for Creative Suite products will continue to be available – as they are today – from both Adobe.com, as well as reseller and retail partners.

What it means

As far as I’m concerned, nothing. Most software today is delivered electronically via download, anyway.  In short, unless you’re on dial-up, there’s really no reason to buy software in a box, though I continue to recommend making a backup copy of the downloaded installer. I do hope, and I do think, that Adobe will continue to make back up copies available for a small shipping and handling fee to those unable to download their software.

What it doesn’t mean

It does not mean the end of perpetual licenses. While I continue to believe that will happen eventually (as I mentioned in now infamous, “What Will it Take to Move Everyone to Creative Cloud?” post) it’s not happening, yet. In fact, I believe this decision will have more impact on FedEx and UPS than it will on Adobe or its customers.